Be An #AgentOfSafety

Most Indian homes are vulnerable to robbery. The basic reason is an ignorance of the need to upgrade one's home safety.

You can safeguard your home by first knowing how to keep your home safe.

Become an #AgentOfSafety by learning all about home safety. Share this message so that this turns into a mass movement of home safety.

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The Pledge

I pledge to be an Agent of Safety. I will make sure that I am more aware about my home's safety henceforth. I take the responsibility of ensuring my loved one's safety. Finally, I promise to spread the message of safety and perform my duty diligently as an Agent of Safety.

I Pledge To Become An Agent Of Safety

Saluting the COVID-19 Agents of Safety

Saluting the Covid-19 Agents of Safety Godrej Locks recognizes the brave heroes who are fighting the spread of coronavirus in India and helping Indians stay safe and secure. You will witness a coming together of people's ingenuity and charitable spirit, for the sake of all those deeply affected by this pandemic. Let their stories inspire you and bring a smile on your face.

Agent of Safety Stories

These are real-life stories of people who have made the world around them, a safer place to live in and are truly worthy of the title, Agent of Safety. Read their stories and get inspired to become an Agent of Safety yourself.

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